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Collaborative Writing Software

This is the new collaborative software I mentioned in one of our small group meetings. Abe and I are using this to draft a response to some of the presentations made at AEA last year. The collaborative software can be found (for free) at:

It allows us to collaboratively write papers and track our changes. As I say, some of our empowerment team members are already signed up to use it.

You can join the waiting list by going to their site. Once you are on you can make your colleagues instant users by inviting them to collaborate on a specific document. Take care.

- David


Anonymous said…
Hi there,

If you have one to spare, I would greatly appreciate a Writely invite. If you've got one, you can send it to raysblog (at) gmail.

Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DF: Tell me if you still need an invite for Writely - is now called Google's word or Googles's Microsoft Word (but interactive). It should abe readily available at this point. Take care.

- David

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