Guerrero - Mexico - Empowerment Evaluation

Guerrero - Mexico. Professor Oscar Figueroa, Colegio de Postgraduados, Campus Montecillo, is working in the southern state of Guerrero. He is facilitating an empowerment evaluation with marginalized indigenous communities. He has posted a few photographs of community members engaged in the empowerment evaluation process.

Dr. Fetterman, Stanford University, is a Collaborating Professor at the Colegio de Postgraduados, working with Dr. Figueroa.


Dear professor Fetterman

Hi I think EE is a phenomenon that spread in the four corner of the glob. I work with EE in Iran since 2001.I translated empowerment evaluation literature in Persian book in 2004 . in my nationality language (Farsi) "Arzehyaby tavanmand saz" is the synonyms of "empowerment evaluation"!
I am very glad for this extension of EE. My last work in EE is a workshop in sannandaj (a Kurdish city in west of Iran)in 26 to 28 April 2007. you and every one can see the FARSI short story of this scientific course on:
I use logic modeling method in EE activities. I created an idea along of EE and named it" Moein modular evaluation model "!! I appreciative you. This is a very good news that :EE workshop presented By Professor Oscar Figueroa, in Campus Montecillo, in Guerrero – Mexico. I think at four corner of the glob present EE workshop and we don’t have a news a bout them!! It doesn't matter !! they are good yours.

With best wishes
13 JUN 2007
Thank you Moein for your wonderful comments and insights and good work. Keep us posted on your progress. Send us a picture of some of your work and we can post it here for you. Best wishes.

- David
Dear professor fetterman

Hi thanks a lot for your best Quick feedback. I wrote a new version of my last notes under title of :empowerment evaluation :the case of Iran, and published at:
I attach with my last email a bout 11 Mega bite consist one PDF file and 8 photos about sannandaj workshop. I cant send this pictures on blog! I attach one page that show the result off one two sessions continues monitoring in sannandaj a bout 3.14 Mega bite from PAYESH tools with another email. please feel free to correct all my mistakes. I liked send you many films of my works, but the infrastructure of communication system that I assess is not adequate for this wish. Thank you very much for your continues 5 years direct facilitation of my works.

give thanks
25 June 2007
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