Education Review Office - Christchurch, New Zealand

Education Review Office (ERO). ERO in Christchurch, New Zealand applied empowerment evaluation to their own activities in a workshop held July 12, 2007.

ERO provides independent external evaluation of how well each school or early childhood service is contributing to the learning and achievement of children and young people.

Their reviews and reports focus on the quality of education provided in school and early childhood services.

In the spirit of refining and improving their own work, ERO invited Dr. Fetterman to facilitate an empowerment evaluation workshop.

ERO staff applied the approach and produced productive insights into their own operations and the workshop stimulated ideas for future applications, ranging from professional development to work with the schools. Contact ERO for additional information at


Dear professor Fetterman

Hi thank you very much for your workshop report and good new presentation in 58 pages! In this version I see some good innovation for example: Tripartite Partnership, Visualize the Fluid Capacity of EE, your Scientific Autobiography, Empowerment Evaluation Principles, EE projects and many new references. I thing we can introduce logic model in EE workshop.
I see this information by: Volunteers of America Evaluation Group weblog at: I like send a comment but I can't! And take this message: Comments on this blog are restricted to team members.

Best wishes


5 august 2007
Anonymous said…
I just want to say that I really love this website and I love this blog and I love New Zealand! I love meeting new people and love chatting on blogs and so I have made my own blog, its for people for Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. It is called 'Experience - New Zealand' and is my first blog, it is unlike this blog but is also a lot of fun - checkout: (
Many thanks Moein and Alana.

Moein - glad you enjoyed the report. Logic models work in EE - in fact the process of going through the three steps often produces a logic model.

When I create blogs for other groups like the Volunteers of American, I often restrict comments to team members and community members to make sure the site is not overwhelmed by advertisers and others out there. But thanks for adding you thoughts here. Take care.

Alana - glad to see you are experimenting with blogs too. Keep up the good work and yes New Zealand is beautiful. Best wishes.

- David
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