Empowerment Evaluation Debate: Drs. David Fetterman, Michael Patton, and Michael Scriven engaged in a lively debate about empowerment evaluation.

This was a powerful discussion about the promise and pitfalls of empowerment evaluation.

It was conducted face-to-face at Claremont Graduate University (see below).

In addition, it was broadcast throughout the world. Concurrently, he facilitated an empowerment evaluation workshop at Claremont. Here is a computer screen snapshot of Dr. Fetterman conducting the online version of his empowerment evaluation workshop.

The debate was intense, fast-moving, and civil (which was refreshing and productive). It was also recorded. You can view it by clicking here.

Dr. Fetterman also created a brief video as a tribute to empowerment evaluators working across the globe, from Australia to the United States. It is an iTunes slideshow or video. It can be downloaded by clicking here.

The slides he used as part of the introduction to the debate are also available here.


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