Monitor on Psychology. AEA's 2008 Outstanding Publication Award Winner Professor Abraham Wandersman was featured in the September issue of the American Psychological Association's journal Monitor on Psychology.

The article focuses on Getting to Outcomes. It is a guide that helps users bridge the gap from designing programs to designing programs that achieve their intended results.

The original GTO TR (101) is one of the most downloadable documents at RAND. In the 5 years since TR101 was published (2004-2008), TR101 was the 10th most downloaded PDF in all of RAND, 6th of all RAND domestic populations, and 1st in Health..

The article is titled: Achieving Better Outcomes. This psychologist is helping groups get the results they want via a process that promotes program accountability, specifically empowerment evaluation.

Source: Newsletter, American Evaluation Association, September 2008, Vol. 9, Issue, 9.


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