Empowerment Article: Top Three Most-Read AJE Articles

Empowerment  Evaluation:  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. This is the third most American Journal of Evaluation read-article in November 2010.  The authors are:  Drs. David Fetterman and Abraham Wandersman.  This is testament to the sustainability of this article, since it was first published in 2007.  At that time it was recognized as the most-read article of the journal.

The notation about its status can be found on Sage's online monthly update.

The article summarizes many of the arguments and responses revolving around empowerment evaluation.  It has been widely cited as an excellent summary of empowerment evaluation issues, critiques, responses, resolutions, and plans for the future.  This article "is designed to enhance conceptual clarity, provide greater methodological specificity, and highlight empowerment evaluation's commitment to accountability and producing outcomes." The full citation is:

Fetterman, D.M. and Wandersman, A. (2007).  Empowerment evaluation: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  American Journal of Evaluation, 28(2):179-198.

For those interested another article that builds on this one and is a case example see:

Fetterman, D.M., Deitz, J., and Gesundheit, N. (2010).  Empowerment evaluation: a collaborative approach to evaluating and transforming a medical school curriculum.  Academic Medicine, 85(5):813-820.  It is a case example of how empowerment evaluation was applied to the Stanford University School of Medicine.


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