DoView Software Revisited - EE Tool

 DoView.  This is a wonderfully simple tool to create logic models without having to tell folks their idea has to wait until you are in the right bin, e.g. input, output, outcome, and so on.  You can help people create a flow or causation model using the software or you can draft one for them after they complete an empowerment evaluation exercise.  In either case, they make the choices, they help specify what they are trying to accomplish (and this tools helps them drill down to determine if they have enough activities to deliver on their goals and aspirations).

In addition to evaluation, you can also use DoView for strategic planning and to provide decision makers and the community at-large with dashboards.  A community's efforts can be monitored and displayed with ease.

We created a simple one linking AEA with the Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation TIG and then linked that to the TIG's papers, publications, articles, web pages and so on.  Since they were AEA related we made them the same color.  However, we did have an outcome we wanted to highlight and that was improved practice and an improved quality of life.  We made that its own color to make it stand out and remind us of what this is all about.

For more information about DoView see their home page.  In addition, contact Paul Duignan.


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