HeartShare is a human service organization in New York.  Applying an empowerment evaluation approach, their Performance & Quality Improvement plan and activities helped to identify the need for a management training program.  The agency, thus, designed an 18-month comprehensive, competency-based Management Training Program (MTP). The overall, long-term goal of the Management Training Program is to improve staff satisfaction and retention rates by improving the skills of our supervisors.  

The Management Training Program was identified as a need by all levels of staff. Based on this feedback as well as HeartShare’s Core Values that include Collaboration and Organizational Excellence, there was a concerted effort to design a program that would best meet the needs of their workers as well as strengthen the leadership base throughout the organization. Evaluation findings clearly indicated the program not only met the identified need but also strengthened the organization’s foundation by developing future leaders and maintaining its commitment to organizational excellence.  Congratulations HearthShare.  Contact Stan Capela for additional details.


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