Empowerment Evaluation in Pakistan

Empowerment Evaluation in Pakistan:  Educational Leadership

The Pakistan Educational Leadership Project has involved educational leaders from all areas of Pakistan, in public and private sector schools and universities, in summer institutes in New Hampshire over a ten-year period. The inclusion of a special institute in 2007 dedicated to the design of an evaluation for this project engaged the participants in developing their own evaluation design, an example of empowerment evaluation in action

This resulted in having future participants create and implement Master Action Plans, and share their work with other educators in Pakistan. As the project concluded in 2014, the work has resulted in the establishment of a vibrant alumni network, which has attracted the support of the Ministry of Education for the sustainability of alumni coordination and continuing implementation of the individual Action Plans. Due to sharing in Pakistan by the project’s 200 participants, the project has touched over 100,000 educators, and the alumni are committed to carrying their work forward.

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