Empowerment Evaluation: Health Promotion Journal of Australia

Empowerment Evaluation:  Article in Health Promotion Journal of Australia

The editors of the Health Promotion Journal of Australia invited me to write a brief article summarizing empowerment evaluation.  It places empowerment evaluation in perspective, comparing it with collaborative, participatory, and developmental approaches to evaluation.  In addition, the article describes the theories, concepts, principles, and steps associated with the approach.

The article is part of a series of blogs, web page, and related digital dissemination efforts to better prepare for the 2019 Australasian Evaluation Society International Evaluation Conference.  It will be held in Sydney from September 16-18, with workshops on the 15th and 19th.

I have been invited to provide a plenary presentation at the conference and a workshop, focusing on empowerment evaluation.  Please enjoy the article and join us at the conference.


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please keep posting so we can get some more information about these.
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