American Evaluation Association 2019

A Few Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation Highlights 
at the 
American Evaluation Association 2019

The empowerment evaluation workshop was very successful, engaging, and enjoyable.  We used AEA as our focal point in common.  The group defined the association's mission, took stock of AEA's current efforts, and established preliminary plans for the future.

According to Gerardo Sanchez-Romeo's postings, "light bulbs" went on during the Empowerment Evaluation Workshop   New insights emerged and great suggestions aimed at improvement were presented.  The group was fantastic, engaged, and thoughtful from 8 am to 3 pm in spite of a very cold day in Minneapolis. 

Author's night was also a lot of fun.  We were able to see colleagues who we only get to see once a year or once every couple of years - sharing our accomplishments, particular in terms of publications.

In addition, the Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation sessions were a big hit.  Linda Delaney hit the ball ⚾️ out of the park today with her presentation about an empowerment evaluation of a tobacco prevention program in Arkansas (co-presented with me - David Fetterman).

Ann Zukoski was also tremendous, highlighting the value of participatory evaluation with case examples.

There was standing room only. I kid you not. The overflow into the halls was gratifying. I even took pictures of it.

Folks really appreciated the opportunity to discuss collaborative, participatory, and empowerment evaluation similarities and differences in practice.

Our book Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation: Stakeholder Involvement Approaches came out about this time at our last meeting.

All in all it has been a very rewarding and reaffirming meeting, including hugs from colleagues from around the globe learning together.


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