USAID India Learning4impact: A Deep Conversation with David Fetterman and Catherine Cove

Shrirupa Sengupta Hosts David Fetterman and Catherine Cove 

for a Deep and Insightful Conversation on Empowerment Evaluation

From our #SwastiCafe this time recorded on Zoom given #COVID19Shrirupa Sengupta hosts David Fetterman and Catherine Cove for a deep and insightful conversation on #EmpowermentEvaluation.  Currently being undertaken by USAID India Learning4impact CMS - Social Impact Specialists with REACH.

Dr. David Fetterman designed the empowerment evaluation methodology to foster greater inclusion and self-determination in the evaluation process. The approach is built on the theory that when stakeholders and communities conduct their own evaluations, they are more likely to believe the results are credible and to act on the recommendations in turn.

Catherine has been working in partnership with Dr. Fetterman, USAID - India, CMS and L4i teams to support REACH-TB to undertake the Empowerment Evaluation process - a journey that in her words has been insightful and filled with learnings.

This episode of Swasti Cafe features a conversation with Dr. Fetterman and Catherine on this approach, why it was developed, how and when it may be used, and Dr. Fetterman's experiences employing this methodology internationally. We also hear from Dr.Fetterman on undertaking this approach remotely over Zoom!

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The interview is available on social media, ranging from LinkedIn to Facebook, as well as YouTube.  


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