Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Collaborative Writing Software

This is the new collaborative software I mentioned in one of our small group meetings. Abe and I are using this to draft a response to some of the presentations made at AEA last year. The collaborative software can be found (for free) at:

It allows us to collaboratively write papers and track our changes. As I say, some of our empowerment team members are already signed up to use it.

You can join the waiting list by going to their site. Once you are on you can make your colleagues instant users by inviting them to collaborate on a specific document. Take care.

- David

Friday, May 26, 2006

Empowerment Evaluation

Empowerment Evaluation
I am David Fetterman. Welcome to the empowerment evaluation blog. Abe Wandersman and I are working on a response to some of the papers presented at the last AEA meeting - particularly the one focusing on "empowerment evaluation 10 years later: where are we?"

As we prepare this response we want to hear from you. Many empowerment evaluations are not published in the literature (even though there may be an evaluation report - which is true of the evaluation field in general). Some of our colleagues only refer to journal articles when discussing what's going on in the field (which we understand but think is misleading and not reflective of the field of practice).

In this spirit, if you have conducted an empowerment evaluation between 1993 and the present, please take a few moments to say something about it, e.g. the name and type of project, how much participants were involved in conducting the evaluation, if it involved a socratic exchange or back and forth dialogue about findings, how successful it was (any outcomes etc.).

Our piece has to be in by June 15th - so any comments, descriptions, or ideas are welcome.

Many thanks.

- David