Thursday, March 04, 2010

AEA CP&E Evaluation Webpage, Blogs, and Webinar

AEA Hosted CP&E Evaluation Web Presence.

Web page. We have a new AEA supported web page. It is designed to highlight AEA related news and updates. Select CP&E Evaluation to view it.

Most of our information and resources will be located at this blog and at our original web page (because it extends outside the AEA borders).

However, the CP&E Evaluation Web Page will supplement this effort and focus on AEA related matters, e.g. annual meeting, current blog activity, and so on.

Blogs. In addition, the Collaborative, Participatory and Empowerment Evaluation TIG hosted a week-long series of blogs. The topics ranged from participation to FlipVideo technology. The comments and dialogue were also useful and insightful. A few examples are provided below. Go directly to their blogs and participate in the dialogue or browse through the AEA Blogs.

Cassie Bowman's Blog - NASA's Mars Program

Linda Delaney's Tobacco Prevention Program

David Fetterman's Digital Picture,
& Blogging Blog

Wayne Miller's Trusting Relationship Blog

Webinar. The CP&E Evaluation TIG also sponsored a Blogging Webinar. David Fetterman walked participants through the process from creating a blog to posting and editing it. There were 51 participants from the U.S., Canada, and Iran. The slides of the webinar are available here or in the AEA elibrary.

Blogging Webinar

The aim of these efforts is to extend our Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation dialogue throughout the year - in addition to our annual meeting and scholarly journals.