Friday, October 29, 2010

GTO Getting to Outcomes - Translated into Japanese

GTO:  Getting to Outcomes.  This popular empowerment evaluation publication is having an impact internationally.  It has just been published in Japanese.

It is available on Amazon.  Contact Professors Mitsuru Ikeda and Abraham Wandersman for additional details.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Canadian Empowerment Evaluation: Malton Community Project

Empowerment Evaluation Community Project: 
Understanding the Early Malton

The Understanding the Early Years Malton project is guided by empowerment evaluation principles.  It is an excellent example of the empowerment evaluation model in practice.  Their work has been transformative, contributing to collective learning, democratic participation, and action.  They have collectively helped to reduce social inequities. 

The Malton project produced a ten-minute DVD documentary demonstrating how a community can work together using an empowerment evaluation model to improve the future of its young children. 

The UEY Malton Report to the Community presents the projects accomplishments, the data from the project, and the future aspirations of the project from the community perspective. 

For additional information about the project contact Dr. Paul Favaro, Chief of Research & Evaluation, Peel District School Board & York University.