Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence Hiring an Empowerment Evaluator

The Idaho Coalition is hiring an Empowerment Evaluator.  

The Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence, located in Boise, Idaho is accepting applications through March 29, 2013 for a full-time Empowerment Evaluator for their CDC Delta Focus Grant Project.  For more information and to apply please visit their website at

 Employment announcements are a manifestation of impact in the field.

The Idaho Coalition's employment notice is posted below:

Empowerment Evaluator We are seeking a full-time Empowerment Evaluator. Empowerment Evaluation is somewhat of a unique paradigm of evaluation that not all evaluators agree with or are capable of. Commitment to empowerment evaluation will be a success factor. This person will assist the Idaho Coalition and the local Coordinated Community Response in an empowerment evaluation to increase the likelihood that we will build our organizational capacities to implement and evaluate an Intimate Partner Violence primary prevention strategy that addresses the structural determinates of health at the societal and community levels of the social-ecological model. The Empowerment Evaluator will provide the Idaho Coalition and its partners, tools for assessing the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the primary prevention strategy developed, as well as mainstream the evaluation as part of the planning and management of the Idaho Coalition. The successful candidate will be knowledgeable about the CDC’s seven step empowerment evaluation approach will be used as a frame of reference to guide the work.

For additional information see their web site