Monday, April 29, 2013

Dr. Fetterman Recipient of AERA Research on Evaluation Distinguished Scholar Award 2013

AERA Research on Evaluation Distinguished Scholar Award 2013

Dr. Fetterman was the recipient of the 2013 American Educational Research Association's Research on Evaluation Distinguished Scholar Award.  It was based on his contributions to ethnographic evaluation, experimental design, and empowerment evaluation.

Nicole Lewis, Research on Evaluation Chair, made the award at the American Educational Research Association in San Francisco, April 28, 2013.

Dr. Fetterman's comments were brief:

"Thank you and the award committee for this honor.

My work in the domains of empowerment, ethnography, and use and their relationship to evaluation took on a life of its own - extending far beyond my wildest dreams, geographically, conceptually, and methodologically.

My only advice is not to take the safe and secure path to obscurity, gathering dust like an old evaluation report sitting on a shelf.

Instead take calculated risks and follow your instincts. 
They will take you further than you might ever dream."

Rodney Hopson, past president of the American Evaluation Association was also present and congratulated Dr. Fetterman on the award.

Dr. Bradley Cousins received the award in 2012 and provided the keynote during this session. Dr. Fetterman will present the keynote next year at AERA in Philadelphia.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

American Evaluation Association Empowerment Evaluation eStudy

American Evaluation Empowerment Evaluation eStudy

The American Evaluation Association hosted a 3 hour empowerment evaluation webinar.  The webinar highlighted the theories, concepts, and steps associated with empowerment evaluation.

In addition, the role of the critical friend was discussed.  The webinar included "chat", polls, and videobroadcasting features.  Countries represented: Canada, New Zealand, Nicaragua, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Dr. Fetterman was the webinar instructor.  The session was recorded and is available through the American Evaluation Association.

Participants comments:

This was really great! I learned a lot and got some great ideas. Thank you for hosting! I hope to learn more with the resources Dr. Fetterman recommended. 

Informative lesson, David Fetterman was very personable, he was empowering to the participants. I was highly impressed and will look for more opportunities to join these classes. 

Contact the American Evaluation Association for eStudy webinar classes throughout the year.

EnCompass Invites Dr. Fetterman for virtual "Fireside Chat"

EnCompass Invites Dr. Fetterman for Virtual "Fireside Chat" 
about Empowerment Evaluation

EnCompass invited Dr. Fetterman to engage in a virtual "Fireside Chat" about empowerment evaluation.  Tessie Catsambas hosted the chat.  

The exchange was engaging, motivating, and illuminating.  The synergy between Dr. Fetterman and EnCompass was clear.  

Contact Encompass for more information about the exchange.