Saturday, April 08, 2017

Empowerment Evaluation and Computer Science Education Evaluation
NSF Funded Initiative

This is the Computer Science Outcomes Networked Improvement Community's empowerment evaluation working group. The learning community of computer science education evaluators and STEM evaluators came together to create a common agenda for the future.

This exercise highlights the groups' efforts to establish a 1) mission, 2) take stock or assess their efforts to-date, and 3) plan for the future.

Kathy Haynie and Tom McKlin are responsible for the CSONIC effort. David Fetterman and Jason Ravitz facilitated the empowerment evaluation exercise.

The session is available for public viewing here on YouTube.

Empire Radio Interview about Empowerment Evaluation
 with Dr. David Fetterman

Dr. Fetterman was interviewed on the Empire Radio Network.  He spoke about evaluation, including empowerment evaluation.  He highlighted a few of his projects, including his work with Google (with Jason Ravitz) and Hewlett-Packard.  Dr. Fetterman also described how his team is using empowerment evaluation at the Recovery Cafe (a peer assisted program for homeless and substance abuse populations in Seattle).  He also described his 12th year working with tobacco prevention programs in Arkansas.  Dr. Fetterman concluded his interview by mentioning how his mom was an inspiration and role model. The interview is about 8 minutes long.  

Select here to listen to the broadcast.