Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Dr. David Fetterman Top Anthropologist 2019 and Founder of Empowerment Evaluation

Dr. David Fetterman - 2019 Top Anthropologist Award Pre-Gala Announcement. 

In preparation for the Gala Award Ceremony, the International Association of Top Professionals Award Committee highlighted Dr. David Fetterman's accomplishments. They represent the basis for his selection. 

They included:  President of Fetterman & Associates (international evaluation consulting firm); 25 years of experience at Stanford University (Administration, School of Education, and Medical School); Past-president of the American Evaluation Association and the American Anthropological Association’s Council on Anthropology and Education; author of 17 books and contributions to encyclopedia (Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation; Empowerment Evaluation: Knowledge and Tools for Self-assessment, Evaluation Capacity Building, and Accountability; Ethnography: Step by Step); founder of empowerment evaluation (self-help approach); Mensa, Myrdal, and Lazarsfeld Award Winner; AERA Distinguished Scholar Award; and projects in over 16 countries. 

The Gala Award Ceremony will be in December 2019. Highlights of background and accomplishments at:

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Keynote Speaker in Sydney

Keynote Speaker at International Evaluation Conference

International Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Fetterman has been invited to speak at the International Australasian Evaluation Association conference in Sydney (September 14-19, 2019). He will be highlighting the use of empowerment evaluation to facilitate social change.

In addition, he will be facilitating a highly engaging and interactive empowerment evaluation workshop. He will include a few tech tools used to build evaluation capacity in communities.

Contact Jade Maloney and Ben Barnes for additional details or consult the web site to register at: