Friday, February 07, 2020

Data Use Consulting Group and ARCHES Empowerment Evaluation

DataUse Empowerment Evaluation Workshop

Dr. Paul St. Roseman  (Principal, DataUse Consulting Group) and Sharon Twitty (Executive Director, ARCHES) facilitated a DataUse Empowerment Evaluation Workshop at a Career Success Network Convening. 
It was hosted by the Alliance for Regional Collaboration to Heighten Educational Success (ARCHES).    The goal was to facilitate a collaborative data analysis process that encouraged and supported dialogue, inquiry, decision making, strategic planning, and continuous learning.  Participants included the executive leadership team and data scientist from Educational Results Partnership.  In addition, representatives from the following regions in California were engaged:  Stanislaus, Santa Cruz, and Tulare-Kings.
They were divided into workgroups (focusing on each region). The executive leadership and data scientist worked with each workgroup and served the role of critical friend and technical support. 
Participants completed two activities.  Activity One (60 minutes) focused on collaborative data analysis.  Participants were asked to frame their approach to supporting one another while they reviewed the data. 
This was followed by a collaborative review and analysis of the data set.  Participants considered what the data presented, what it could and could not answer, as well as the strengths and challenges it presented. 
For Activity Two (30 minutes), participants mapped challenges identified in the first activity to strategies that could be administered across the regional collaborative.  Participants also discussed and documented the benefits that may emerge from the strategies.  Each group compiled their work and entered it into Google document worksheets on an activity webpage.  They were encouraged to review each other’s work through a virtual gallery walk and had opportunities to discuss key learnings from session experiences.
At the conclusion of the session, an evaluation (using Google Forms) was administered to regional collaborative participants.  95% of eligible respondents completed the form and 90% of respondents rated the session as excellent (55%) to very good (35%).
 Comments converged across three themes: Session Content, Data, and Collaboration.  Participants appreciated session content and activities.  They communicated that they were thoughtful, well designed, informative and relevant.  The ability to collaborate with participants was also a highlight.  Being exposed to varied perspectives and roles enriched dialogue as well as opportunities to learn.  Participants also indicated that they were able to share and define next steps; in addition, they expected to use what was developed during the convening.  Indicators measuring each item exceeded 80%.

Saturday, February 01, 2020

AEA Newsletter: Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation TIG Update

American Evaluation Association Newsletter - CPE TIG Update

A recent article in the American Evaluation Association Newsletter highlighted the Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment group's new book entitled:  Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation: Stakeholder Involvement Approaches (Guilford Press).  It includes excerpts of Lois-ellin Datta's complimentary book review.

[Click on the images below to read the text.]

Thursday, November 14, 2019

American Evaluation Association 2019

A Few Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation Highlights 
at the 
American Evaluation Association 2019

The empowerment evaluation workshop was very successful, engaging, and enjoyable.  We used AEA as our focal point in common.  The group defined the association's mission, took stock of AEA's current efforts, and established preliminary plans for the future.

According to Gerardo Sanchez-Romeo's postings, "light bulbs" went on during the Empowerment Evaluation Workshop   New insights emerged and great suggestions aimed at improvement were presented.  The group was fantastic, engaged, and thoughtful from 8 am to 3 pm in spite of a very cold day in Minneapolis. 

Author's night was also a lot of fun.  We were able to see colleagues who we only get to see once a year or once every couple of years - sharing our accomplishments, particular in terms of publications.

In addition, the Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation sessions were a big hit.  Linda Delaney hit the ball ⚾️ out of the park today with her presentation about an empowerment evaluation of a tobacco prevention program in Arkansas (co-presented with me - David Fetterman).

Ann Zukoski was also tremendous, highlighting the value of participatory evaluation with case examples.

There was standing room only. I kid you not. The overflow into the halls was gratifying. I even took pictures of it.

Folks really appreciated the opportunity to discuss collaborative, participatory, and empowerment evaluation similarities and differences in practice.

Our book Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation: Stakeholder Involvement Approaches came out about this time at our last meeting.

All in all it has been a very rewarding and reaffirming meeting, including hugs from colleagues from around the globe learning together.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Australian Evaluation Society Empowerment Evaluation Keynote

Australian Evaluation Society:  
Empowerment Evaluation Keynote

I was invited to present an Empowerment Evaluation Keynote at the Australian Evaluation Society's International Conference in Sydney. Many thanks for all the kind words about my plenary presentation - both funny and informative works for me. I had a good time and it was an honor to be invited to speak to the issue of indigenous rights and concerns. 

There was an electricity in the air.  Colleagues were completely engaged and the applause was both welcoming and celebratory.  LinkedIn and Facebook posts about the plenary were thoughtful and uniformly complementary. 

Australian Evaluation Society 
Annual Conference Closing Session

The discussion was lively and summarized many of the issues raised during the conference.
Indigenous IP rights and empowerment topics dominated the discussion.  However, a few topics were touchy, including a discussion about RCTs, however, it was civil and engaging. 

Australian Evaluation Society 
Annual Conference Empowerment Evaluation Workshop

I also conducted a workshop on Thursday and it was filled to maximum capacity.  
The dialogue was powerful focusing on indigenous rights.

According to a few of the participants:  "As emerging evaluators, we are constantly looking to explore and learn about concepts and theories of evaluation. In the lead up to the Australia Evaluation Society (AES) International Evaluation Conference, we had particularly been exposed to certain principles associated with ‘Empowerment Evaluation’ such as capacity building and inclusion in our project work. This triggered our fascination around the approach and so the three of us attended David Fetterman’s Empowerment Evaluation Workshop.
We gained our first impressions of David Fetterman while observing him on Day One of the Conference. By watching him walk around to all the stalls, introducing himself and having frank conversations, he established that he was ‘down to earth’ from the start. Another feature noticed was his charismatic charm – how he could draw a crowd together. By the time he got around to the ARTD booth, he had us all captured in conversation with him. It was very refreshing to meet such a humble character who was a keynote speaker, but who also took the time to connect with everyone at the conference. This was truly inspiring for us three, as relatively young and emerging evaluators, to receive this kind of attention from someone with an amazing reputation in the field.
This connection really motivated us to ‘take the journey to climb the mountain’ that is empowerment evaluation. We attended his workshop and took away the following."
Their summary is available in the ARTD Consultants' newsletter.

Ethnography: Step by Step (4th) edition is coming out in October. 
It provides a wealth of concepts and tools that can be used in empowerment evaluations.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Empowerment Evaluation Article in AJE: HIV Prevention Context

American Journal of Evaluation:  Empowerment Evaluation Article

In case you missed it, check out the first article in the latest edition of the American Journal of Evaluation (Vol. 40, Number 3, September 2019). It is another excellent empowerment evaluation. It is titled Empowerment Evaluation: A Case Study of Citywide Implementation Within an HIV Prevention Context. It highlights the 3 and 10 step approach, principles, and results. The article also demonstrates the value of using the most appropriate stakeholder involvement approach for the task at hand. We also applaud them for building evaluation capacity and applying the approach to a socially significant, civil rights domain.

Congrats Gregory, Peter, Christian, Emily, Christopher, Patrick, David, Amy, Hendricks, and George.

For more information about empowerment evaluation see Fetterman, D.M., Kaftarian, S., and Wandersman, A. (2015). Empowerment evaluation: knowledge and tools for self-assessment, evaluation capacity building, and accountability. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Dr. David Fetterman Top Anthropologist 2019 and Founder of Empowerment Evaluation

Dr. David Fetterman - 2019 Top Anthropologist Award Pre-Gala Announcement. 

In preparation for the Gala Award Ceremony, the International Association of Top Professionals Award Committee highlighted Dr. David Fetterman's accomplishments. They represent the basis for his selection. 

They included:  President of Fetterman & Associates (international evaluation consulting firm); 25 years of experience at Stanford University (Administration, School of Education, and Medical School); Past-president of the American Evaluation Association and the American Anthropological Association’s Council on Anthropology and Education; author of 17 books and contributions to encyclopedia (Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation; Empowerment Evaluation: Knowledge and Tools for Self-assessment, Evaluation Capacity Building, and Accountability; Ethnography: Step by Step); founder of empowerment evaluation (self-help approach); Mensa, Myrdal, and Lazarsfeld Award Winner; AERA Distinguished Scholar Award; and projects in over 16 countries. 

The Gala Award Ceremony will be in December 2019. Highlights of background and accomplishments at:

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Keynote Speaker in Sydney

Keynote Speaker at International Evaluation Conference

International Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Fetterman has been invited to speak at the International Australasian Evaluation Association conference in Sydney (September 14-19, 2019). He will be highlighting the use of empowerment evaluation to facilitate social change.

In addition, he will be facilitating a highly engaging and interactive empowerment evaluation workshop. He will include a few tech tools used to build evaluation capacity in communities.

Contact Jade Maloney and Ben Barnes for additional details or consult the web site to register at:

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

CUTV News Interview with Dr. Fetterman

CUTV Radio News Interview

CUTV Radio Newscaster, Jim Masters, interviewed Dr. Fetterman from Fetterman & Associates.  They spoke about empowerment evaluation, ethnography, and social justice. 

The conversation ranged from Dr. Fetterman's work with the United Nations and South Africa to Google and Stanford University's School of Medicine.  

The topics included:  empowerment evaluation as a gateway to growth in human potential, capacity, and self-determination; a tool to help you know if you are accomplishing your objectives.

Projects highlighted include: tobacco prevention work - saving the State over $9 million in excess medical expenses; bridging the digital divide in communities of color - $15 million Hewlett-Packard initiative; educational school improvement projects - helping educational districts extricate themselves from academic distress.

The radio interview was recorded and is available on CUTV News.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Empowerment Evaluation: Health Promotion Journal of Australia

Empowerment Evaluation:  Article in Health Promotion Journal of Australia

The editors of the Health Promotion Journal of Australia invited me to write a brief article summarizing empowerment evaluation.  It places empowerment evaluation in perspective, comparing it with collaborative, participatory, and developmental approaches to evaluation.  In addition, the article describes the theories, concepts, principles, and steps associated with the approach.

The article is part of a series of blogs, web page, and related digital dissemination efforts to better prepare for the 2019 Australasian Evaluation Society International Evaluation Conference.  It will be held in Sydney from September 16-18, with workshops on the 15th and 19th.

I have been invited to provide a plenary presentation at the conference and a workshop, focusing on empowerment evaluation.  Please enjoy the article and join us at the conference.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Un-Boxing Evaluation: Empowerment Evaluation

Unboxing Evaluation

"This guest blog is an interview between David Fetterman and Jade Maloney. It is the second in a series about un-boxing evaluation – the theme of aes19 in Sydney, Australia. The series is designed to generate a global discussion of the theme ‘un-boxing evaluation’ and what that means for our profession and practice." 

Join the conversation here

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Empowerment Evaluation on Better Evaluation site

Better Evaluation

A description/explanation of empowerment evaluation (a community-based self-evaluation approach designed to help people help themselves) is now on the Better Evaluation site.

The Empowerment Evaluation description on Better Evaluation is available here.