Iran/Tehran - National Research Project

Iran/Tehran. Mohamad Hasan Mohaqeqmoein has conducted extensive empowerment evaluation work in Iran. According to Moein, "Arzehyaby tavanmand saz" is the synonym of "empowerment evaluation" in Farsi.

He is an instructor in a higher vocational education center in Tehran. He is working on a national research project focused on the "evaluation and effectiveness of courses in higher vocational education" in Iran.

Moein's has conducted additional work on the national level, including efforts centered around the primary school evaluation reform project.

Moein worked with about 25 government and non government organizations for about two years, preparing a national plan named "community based empowerment for extended empowerment activity in Iran". This plan consisted of a framework for planning, executing, monitoring & evaluating empowerment programs.

He translated Empowerment Evaluation literature in a Persian book in 2004 and conducted empowerment evaluation workshops in Iran, including one in Sannandaj (a Kurdish city west of Iran).

In one workshop, Moein prepared a training compact disc of Empowerment Evaluation methods and activities. He prepared a training compact disc. The CD is about 400 MBs of information, with text, voice, film and pictures. The name of the training disc in Farsi is ARZESH.

In the Sannandaj workshop they presented a new electronic tools for training monitoring, named PAYESH in Farsi. After every two sessions of workshop training the participants complete an electronic form that has five questions with five or four Likert scale questions about their work.

For more information about his empowerment evaluation work, see this web log from Thursday, February 27, 2003 at this weblog .

For additional information see his web logs: and:

His Farsi language web log is at:


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