2017 AEA Outstanding Evaluation Award Winner

Dr. Abraham Wandersman and his multidisciplinary evaluation team are the recipients of the 2017 AEA Outstanding Evaluation Award.

Principal Investigator

They evaluated the RWJF funded Spreading Community Accelerators through Learning and Evaluation (SCALE) initiative; a portion of the 100 Million Lives initiative, focusing on low-income US communities that had high capacity collaborations to address health and social issues and improve health equity.

The evaluation design monitored, modeled, and provided actionable insights to manage the complexity of an evolving program theory and support model, while providing areas for improvement.

The Getting To Outcomes ® framework, described in the recently revised edition of Empowerment Evaluation (Fetterman, Kaftarian, and Wandersman), was a systematic, no-nonsense approach to facilitating and measuring interventions to achieve outcomes.

The elements of the SCALE evaluation that made it exemplary, included the up-front work in planning for data collection and stakeholder involvement, the rapid-cycle provision of feedback, and the content knowledge that the evaluators brought to the situation.

The multi-method design and the demonstrated usefulness of findings also attest to it as an exemplar. In addition, the approach has been adopted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Morehouse School of Medicine.

We invite you to celebrate Dr. Wandersman's accomplishments with us at both the the AEA luncheon and the CPE business meeting.


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