CUTV News Interview with Dr. Fetterman

CUTV Radio News Interview

CUTV Radio Newscaster, Jim Masters, interviewed Dr. Fetterman from Fetterman & Associates.  They spoke about empowerment evaluation, ethnography, and social justice. 

The conversation ranged from Dr. Fetterman's work with the United Nations and South Africa to Google and Stanford University's School of Medicine.  

The topics included:  empowerment evaluation as a gateway to growth in human potential, capacity, and self-determination; a tool to help you know if you are accomplishing your objectives.

Projects highlighted include: tobacco prevention work - saving the State over $9 million in excess medical expenses; bridging the digital divide in communities of color - $15 million Hewlett-Packard initiative; educational school improvement projects - helping educational districts extricate themselves from academic distress.

The radio interview was recorded and is available on CUTV News.


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