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American Evaluation Association Annual Meeting Week 2021

 What a Week it Was:  American Evaluation Association 2021 This was quite the week for empowerment evaluation.  Tom, the current AEA president showcased a multi-cultural, indigenous focused agenda for the sessions, as well as recognizing the contributions of past presidents. Congrats Tom Grayson, president, for an exemplary American Evaluation Association plenary (from a past-president of AEA - see below 1993 - and also a friend who grew up in the same small town in Connecticut). CPE Presentations We had literally hundreds of people attend our presentations and posters.  Here is one as posted on social media: What Tech (technical) and (inter) Personal Adaptations Have You Made  in Our Almost Post COVID Evaluation Context In addition, we conducted a virtual Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation Conference. CPE Virtual Conference Center Using Empowerment Evaluation Remotely to Eliminate Tuberculosis MISRGO: Tobacco Prevention Empowerment Evaluation CPE Business Meeting

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